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Doctors Nabeta and Salcedo blend the artistry of their field with an advanced approach to dentistry unequaled in personal attention and professional care. With our exceptional staff of dental health professionals, we plan your treatment to achieve optimum health.

When we take care of a patient we look at the entire person, not just an individual tooth. Patients often come to us with a single specific problem, but don't take into account how the problem fits in with their entire smile, well being and overall health.

Rather than telling patients what their problems are, we educate them about dentistry and how best to care for their complete oral health. This allows our patients to discover their own problems and decide what areas they want to address.

Our approach is extremely thorough.

We look at the big picture, step back gather all the data, then together create a long-term personalized plan that makes sense. All in all, perfect results with no wasted time, no wasted money and no surprises.

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Periodontal Care / Periodontal Microbial Testing